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Will Online Marriage Counselling Fix Your Relationship Fast?

Online Marriage Counselling

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Online marriage counselling has exploded as one of the most in-demand methods of relationship therapy due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its strict restrictions. With lock-downs, social distancing & quarantines in place, traditional in-person therapy isn’t always an easy option for most busy couples. There’s no wonder why many clashing couples are now seeking out online relationship therapy instead. 

With the power of the internet, advanced technology, and easy-to-use online telehealth platforms, online marriage counselling is easier than ever before for most busy couples.

Before couples had to rush out to leave their work, fight traffic to make it to the counselling session – or have one partner arriving on time while waiting alone on the couch for the other partner to come, then worrying about picking up their children on time.

Couples can now get online relationship counselling from the comfort of their home at a time that works for them and their families.

Why now for online couples counselling?

The demand for relationship counselling has risen by 34% since COVID-19 impacted our lives. The Journal of Sex & Marital published a study & findings in September 2021 report. The report showed a 34 percent increase in some degree of relationship conflict and disconnect.

This increase in demand for marriage & couples counsellors has made it harder for couples in crisis to select, book and secure a session with a relationship counsellor.

In their 2021-22 Federal Budget, the Australian Government released a $2.3 billion mental health budget. This budget was released to ease the lack of support and availability for Australian’s seeking mental health support and couples needing a couples counsellor.

Established and professional marriage & couples counsellors have now adapted their skillset to leveraging technology and platforms like Zoom & Skype. Using online platforms like these allows couples counsellors to expand their services into telehealth services to tackle the current demands for online couples counselling. 

Will online marriage counselling work for your relationship?

There are a lot of unique reasons that couples seek the help of a relationship counsellor. Couples therapy can teach your partner and you better communication skills and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, wants and desires to help revive and keep the relationship thriving again.

From a technological point of view, apart from occasional internet connection issues, virtual counselling is relatively simple to navigate & use.

“To conduct a successful online counselling session, there are only a few things you need to make this happen.
Appropriate lighting, a stable internet connection, and Smart Phone or Laptop with a microphone are all couples require to conduct a private couples therapy session.  

Couples are also encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and sit in a room that is not their bedroom. (relationship discussions should never be conducted in a couple’s bedroom as this is a sacred place)

Couples are advised to be in a room and space to maintain a distance and still be captured by the same camera lens.

Ideal outcomes of your online couples counselling session:

  • Get the real message of what each other is trying to communicate
  • Discover how to communicate effectively when emotions are high
  • Reconcile differences arising from gender, personality or your background
  • Deepen intimacy, trust and know what fulfils your partner’s wants & desires
  • Enjoy a close relationship while pursuing individual dreams & goals.
  • Create the loving relationship you truly want and deserve

Whatever challenges your relationship may be going through, counselling can help you bring back the passion and love you once enjoyed.

For a more in-depth look, go here to find out more about Marriage Counselling.

Why couples are trying Online Marriage Counselling

With the country experiencing the effects of a Pandemic, online couples counselling has exploded due to the restrictions in the current situation. Along with individual telehealth sessions, the need for virtual couples counselling has increased significantly, especially with the high-stress couples may be experiencing during the pandemic.

Many couples are seeking therapy now as a result of:

  • increased stress,
  • children being homeschooled,
  • lack of support, and
  • inability to engage in social coping skills.

What you need to get started with online therapy

  • A private space where you will not be disturbed during the session
  • Access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A good stable internet connection
  • Access to a video camera with sound (usually integrated into your device)

Online Marriage Counseling – Get The Most Out Of Your Session

Exposing personal marital troubles to a therapist, you meet online can be daunting. Still, advantages include eliminating travel time and having sessions from the comfort of your own home and time. For those in more rural areas or places where choices of therapists are more limited, it’s much easier to access marriage therapy online where transportation isn’t an issue.

Four Easy Tips To a Successful Online Couples Counselling Session:

  1. Come together on one camera & screen

Even though technology allows couples and marriage counsellors to chat from separate locations, you and your partner may need physiological connection and attunement to get the most out of therapy sessions. If appropriate, you and your partner will be required to both have eye contact and physical touch throughout your session.

  1. Reduce technology issues

If possible, use a laptop instead of a phone for a more secure and stable Wi-Fi connection, and do a test run of the video platform your counsellor will advise you to use (Zoom).

  1. Go somewhere private

Get creative if need be. One therapist reports having sessions with a couple who logged in from their closed-door walk-in closet.

  1. Get rid of distractions

Turn off your notifications, ensure the kids are being watched or otherwise occupied, and tell the office you won’t be available for that hour.

How to select your ideal couples counsellor? 

The trust, rapport & respect between you and your marriage counsellor are paramount for the success of the treatment.

You both need to be able to trust one another to open up and be 100% transparent. If you’re unable to open up and you decide to hold things back from your therapist because there’s a lack of trust or you feel they will take sides, the treatment will be unsuccessful. 

Given that choosing an online couples counsellor is no longer bounded by location, you may find yourself overwhelmed with choice.

Six important things to consider before you decide to work with an online relationship therapist:

  • Specialist vs Generalist – seek out a relationship counsellor specialising in couples counselling and marriage therapy as their primary core service. Many counsellors and therapists cover a wide range of mental health issues & services, but the most successful couples counsellors will generally only focus on what areas they excel at. Most likely other counselling practices will just be a generalist and try to cover all areas to keep their practice busy but may lack in being a couples counselling specialist.  
  • Proven Results – consider a couples counsellor who has a proven track record in successfully fixing relationships & marriages. Ask about their past experience working with couples in a similar situation to yours and the results from their therapies with couples. Ideally, you will want to select a counsellor with many years of experience and who has been established in business locally for many years.
  • Online Reviews – Research online reviews from past clients working with that therapist and counselling practice. A successful couples counsellor and the therapy practice will be proud to show their online reviews and talk about their proven track record in helping couples and marriages rekindle their bond.
  • Ask To Chat First Before Going Ahead – It’s essential that you and your counsellor are best suited before going ahead. Professional counsellors also prefer to speak to new applicants before deciding to work with them to know they can get success. This will also allow you and your partner to make sure you are aligned with the couples counsellor and their methods before embarking down this path. Request a free call here
  • Cost Vs Investment – if your budget permits, view couples therapy as an investment, NOT a cost. Couples who are serious about mending their relationship to live a more fulfilled life together should be MORE focused on what it WILL cost them if they don’t fix it and what it will cost if they separate or divorce. A highly successful and in-demand relationship counsellor will not be cheap, nor would you want to put your relationship in the hands of a cheap therapist.
  • Booking Availability – If you have found a successful relationship counsellor, be prepared to wait for their next availability. The most sort after couples counsellors will be in high demand and will most likely have a waiting list. Don’t be discourage or in a rush to just settle with any counsellor in hopes of being helped sooner. Inform you’re relationship counsellor of your situation and ask if they can open up their evening or weekends if things are at boiling point. 

The Best Time to Work With a Couples or Marriage Counselor?

There are many unique reasons that couples seek the help of a reputable couple & marriage counsellor. Couples therapy can teach you, and your partner communication skills and better understand what will fulfil your relationship. Many couples report that working on their relationship with a trained professional makes a world of difference in their lives. If this sounds like you, consider these facts: 

During the first three years of a relationship, your relationship will change more than any other time. This is why it is essential to learn to communicate effectively and keep aligned in the connection as you both grow. 

“Couples that grow together stay together”

Working with a couples therapist is a healthy habit that will serve you both well for the rest of your relationship into the future. There are some issues that a couples therapist better addresses. These include problems with alcohol or drugs, infidelity, affairs, sexual performance anxiety, and the “silent treatment.” Sometimes one person in a relationship is much more invested than the other and they have a hard time seeing how destructive their actions are. When this happens, it is essential to get help. Working with a couples therapist can be a very positive experience for both people. 

Many people find that they get out of couples therapy what they put into it. You will be amazed at how much better your relationship will be once you learn to communicate with each other. You will have a newfound respect and appreciation for each other. That fresh start will enhance your love life and your overall quality of life.

What Does Online Couples Counseling Cost?

The cost of online couples counselling and what online marriage counsellors can charge can be considerably lower in the long run compared to in-person treatments. This is due to fewer overheads to conduct the relationship therapy for the counsellor and what it would cost the patients getting to and fro the in-person location.

 If your relationship therapist is not nearby, you could spend a lot of time and resources on child care and taking time off work to attend your sessions. These things should be considered when looking to invest in marriage counselling services. The good thing with

online couples counselling, there is no cost involved for travelling to an online session other than your internet costs.

Average costs for marriage counselling are all over the board and there are a few essential factors to consider when deciding how much you are willing to invest with a quality relationship therapist and your willingness to fix your relationship or just end things. 

It’s estimated one in three marriages will end in separation or divorce, this most likely leaving behind a trail of emotional pain and financial carnage. Not surprisingly, many smart couples now turn to marriage counselling in a bid to salvage their relationship and avoid relationship destruction.

While the cost of counselling pales in comparison with the legal bills you will rack up on family & divorce lawyers, property settlements & if you have children – child maintenance fees, it pays to do your due diligence in selecting a successful relationship counsellor to avoid kissing the marriage and your money goodbye.

Couples who are serious about mending their relationship should not be focused on the investment of quality relationship counselling but more on the costs of what it will be for them if they separate or divorce. 

A highly successful and in-demand relationship counselling will not be cheap, nor would you want to put your relationship in the hands of a cheap therapist.

How much should you invest for a successful relationship counsellor?

To answer this, let’s start with a good question…

Fast forward to 12 months… Your relationship is now thriving, you and your partner are closer than you ever have been before, and you are both more happier and fulfilled in your relationship and lives…. 

“How much money would you turn down to go back to how things are right now?”

$2k, $12k, $20k?

Most couples who ask this question would not accept any money to return to their current relationship nightmare.

If you would say NO to $20k, to return to your old, dysfunctional relationship…Then the investment for the transformation must be worth at least $20k, right?

Of course, the investment IS NOT $20k or anything even remotely close to that sort of investment. In fact, it would only be a tiny percentage of that…

The point is, YES, there’s an investment, but it’s a TINY FRACTION of the return you and your partner will see to live a more happier relationship.

Let Betterminds Relationship Experts help repair, restore and rekindle your relationship fast.

Book your free Relationship Assessment Call with Betterminds and see if we can help you repair and rekindle the passion back into your relationship fast.

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