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Finding The Best Townsville Counsellor Who Can Help You Heal Fast.


Discover how to choose the right counsellor the first time, what to look out for and know before you decide to invest in counselling services.
Townsville Counsellor

Why Invest in Counselling Services?

Counselling services can be one of the best investments you can make to better your life and relationships, ideally creating a more fulfilled and purposeful life when you are stuck, unhappy or uncertain with where you are and heading in life.

Counselling is not only a great option to consider if you are suffering from long-term depression or a deep anxiety problem, but also a great option if you are experiencing a more “normal” level of everyday stresses in your life.  As a general rule, most people (even most GP doctors) don’t realise just how many of us have “normal” levels of stress and how much of that impact our lives and how we live it. 

If you are at a stage of your life where you feel you are just not living it to your full potential or feel you could be living a more happier & fulfilled life but you are unsure why you are not, then counselling is almost certainly a necessity for you now.

Do You Even Need a Townsville Counsellor Now?

But what about if you are someone who is merely unhappy with your life and just wants to gain some simple “guidance” provided? 

Would counselling be a good fit for you now?

Often people express their surface-level problems with close friends, family members or even the local hairdressers, who haven’t received any professional training in mental health. Yes, just talking about your challenges and life problems can feel good at the moment, but often it leaves people with their problems unresolved, often only to resurface again in the future when life gets hard or we get triggered on that thing again. You also don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health issue to benefit from counselling or therapy.

Many people now seek out counselling or therapy support for everyday challanges relating with:

Often others just turn to counselling during difficult times, such as a feeling of loss in their life. But in order to reap the benefits of counselling services and its benefits, it’s paramount to choose the right counsellor, a person who you can trust to open up to and who makes you feel cared for and safe, to work with you to change your life for the better.

A good Townsville counsellor helps you become aware of your inner challenges and the meaning of those to your behaviours and thoughts. This awareness will help you release those things holding you back to living a more fulfilled life, that you are in more control off.

If you’re now at a stage of your life where you see your past problems or events controlling your future and how you can live it and now you’re ready to create your life on your own terms so that you are in more control, YES, you are now ready to find an ideal counsellor to support you to be free.

KNOW THIS, Before You Look into Counselling or Therapy?

As stated above, you do not necessarily need to seek out a mental health professional with a fancy master degree in psychology or even a bachelor’s degree in psychotherapy to gain the best results for your situation. You do however need to find a professional counsellor with certain skill sets and a deep understanding of human behaviour and how the mind operates, from a deep psychological level. This is the core skill set that every good counsellor should have and is the key to accurately unearthing a person’s situation and problems, to diagnose the core issues that are usually hidden deep in the unconscious mind that are causing these problems to arise on the surface level.  

Often “traditional talk therapies” and how they work from a surface level won’t necessarily uncover this at all. It can also take years to unearth and resolve or they can just proscribe you pills to move you along to check things off sooner. This is why you may have heard of friends or family members seeing a medical therapist for years and costing them thousands in the process with little or no results from their therapies. 

Many psychologists and psychotherapists (but not all) follow a ‘one-size fits all’ checklist and some only follow a ‘text-based process’ with what they are told to follow in university, textbooks and the medical board.

It’s also very common for many “traditional medical therapists” to just proscribe medicine treatments for a quick fix of your symptoms and can just tick the boxes of what is required in their license quota.

The thought of being able to solve your problems by taking a “magic white pill” every day can sound very appealing and feel like an easy way to resolve problems quickly. 

If only it was that easy!

Mental and emotional problems can have many layers, and medication is not always a lasting cure and often only ‘band-aids‘ the core problem, that hasn’t yet been addressed. 

Make no doubt medication may help ‘numb‘ certain symptoms, but it often comes with huge side effects. Furthermore, it cannot solve the “deep underlying” problems that are often hidden deep down inside. Medication won’t fix your marriage or relationship, help you become the best version of yourself or give you insight into why you stilling living life feeling trapped and unhappy.

With that said, Counselling can take time depending on how many layers you need to work on and how big those issues are. Counselling is challenging as uncomfortable emotions and thoughts often arise as part of the healing process. However, finding a counsellor that can provide long-lasting benefits beyond symptom relief is the long-term goal and is what you should always seek with working with a counsellor. Proper counselling guides you to release the negative feelings and emotions that are holding you back from the person you want to be and gives you the tools for creating your ideal life. It’s wise to see counselling as a mental health maintenance tool for whatever life challenges are thrown your way, for better connection to others and making sure you live your life to its full potential and being more free.

Choosing The Right Townsville Counsellor and
Counselling Practice The First Time.

We are now going to outline Six important things to consider for what makes a great counsellor for you to select and give you some ideas on how you can ‘screen’ and quality counsellor to ensure you are going to get the best results.

Here’s what to need to know before you invest in counselling services:

Trust, rapport & respect between you and your counsellor is paramount for the success of your treatment. First and foremost, you need to trust your counsellor to be vulnerable to opening up and being 100% transparent. If you’re unable to open up and if you decide to hold things back from your therapist because there’s a lack of trust or you feel they will judge you, the treatment will be unsuccessful. 

Given that choosing a counsellor that is online is no longer bounded by location, you may find yourself overwhelmed with choi

Six Important Things To Consider Before Investing With a Counsellor:

Specialist vs Generalist Seek out a counsellor specialising in what you think maybe the core issue/ problem you may have.  Many counsellors and therapists cover a wide range of mental health issues & core services, but the very successful counsellors will generally only focus on what areas they excel at. Most likely other counselling practices will just be a generalist and try to cover all areas to keep their practice busy but may lack in being a couples counselling specialist. 

Proven Results Consider a counsellor who has a proven track record in successfully handling what you are now going through. Ask about their past experience working with similar clients in situations to yours and the results from their therapies with them. Ideally, you will want to select a counsellor with many years of experience and who has been established in business locally for many years.

Online Reviews Research online reviews from past clients working with that counsellor and that counselling practice. A successful counsellor and the therapy practice will be proud to display their online reviews and talk about their proven track record in helping clients similar to your current challenges and what was the result after the therapies.

Chat First Before Going Ahead It’s essential that you and your counsellor are best suited before going ahead. Professional counsellors also prefer to speak to new applicants before deciding to work with them to know they can get success. This will also allow you and your partner to make sure you are aligned with the couples counsellor and their methods before embarking down this path. Request a free call here

Cost Vs Investment If your budget permits, view counselling as an investment for yourself and for others close to you, NOT as a cost. People who are serious about improving their lives and how they can live with more happiness & inner fulfillment, should be MORE FOCUSED on the consequences of not fixing their problems & what it will contune to cost them in the future if not delt with. Just beware, a highly successful and in-demand counsellor will not be cheap, nor would you want to put your life and happiness in the hands of a cheap counsellor or therapist.

Booking Availability If you have found a successful counsellor, be prepared to wait for their next availability opening. The most sort after counsellors that get results will be in high demand and will most likely have a waiting list. Don’t be discouraged or in a rush to just settle with any counsellor in hopes of being helped sooner. Inform you’re desired counsellor of your situation and ask if they can open up their evenings or weekends if things are at boiling point. 

counselling townsville

Why Choose Betterminds As Your Preferred Townsville Counsellor?

At Betterminds Counselling here in Townsville, we treat many people who have been damaged by other people and/or their environment in some way. Often, people come to us after one or many years with unsuccessful attempts for healing through traditional therapy models and prescribed psychiatrie medications as “the treatment”. 

Betterminds Counselling uses a variety of modern therapies and emerging counselling techniques based on neuroscientific evidence-based treatments, which is just a big name for the structure, development and chemistry of the brain & nervous system [NeuroCounselling]. 

We combine the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Language re-patterning & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EMDR and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  

We view mental and physical struggles from a whole-person perspective and I have the ability to rapidly identify the underlying emotional cause. It is through these hybrid methods that we get to the root cause of your problem, heal it and allow it to process, and replace the thoughts with empowering beliefs that is beneficial and individual for you in only a few sessions. 

This is not a Band-Aid treatment and the change you experience is real – The results are immediate and create permanent neurological change.

Yes, this sounds like magic, but the truth is that it is science-based and nothing short of being transformational!

Starting Your Counselling Journey With Us

Starting your counselling journey is nothing to be afraid of and it’s a fun process to what our clients tell us when we review their journey with us. As stated above, most people in all walks of life can benefit from a counselling session. It can help you get clear on where you are in life, what is holding you back and ideally what’s needed to work on to help you live a more fulfilled life with more happiness.

Remember that the therapist’s room is a safe space where you can express yourself under the guidance of someone who doesn’t judge you on what you’ve done in the past or was done to you. With the right counselling and counsellor, you can have the certainty that your past does not determine your future and you can start living a more happier life on your terms sooner.

Are you ready to start your counselling journey?

At Betterminds Counselling, we help people quickly remove what’s holding them back to start living a more happier and fulfilled life, without taking years creating change or suggesting taking harmful medication.

Request an appointment here so we can start working together.

Bettermind's Four Step
Fast-Track NeuroCounselling Method

REVEAL Your Hidden Problems Linked To Causing You Pain & Staying Trapped.

RELEASE Your Inner Problems And The Emotional Attachments Of Them For Good.

REPROGRAM Your Inner Problems Quckly & Easily With New Empowering Meanings.

REGULATE With Empowering Life Tools To Help You Create Freedom And Happiness For Life.

Betterminds Counselling Townsville

The Safe and Effective Option to Get Your Life Back on Track Quicker

Whatever challenges you may be going through, making the decision to reclaim control of your life is the first step.

The second step to getting the correct treatment for you in Townsville is to find out the real cause of your problem. During our initial consultation we will discuss your presenting challenges and uncover the real symptoms. I can then advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your symptoms and the underlying causes. 

What you will experience is quite different from the traditional “couch therapy” which takes months of talking and reliving a traumatic past. It’s more to do with you having an open mind and be completely committed to making a change. 

If you are willing to do your bit, here’s how we can help.

Using new age methods based on how the brain and nervous system works, I will quickly get to the root cause of your problem. I will then begin the healing process, replacing toxic thinking patterns with ones that are most beneficial for you. 

In only a few sessions, you will find yourself transformed and released from the heaviness of your past.

You may find a new level of enthusiasm at work, your relationships will improve and you will look forward to taking the next big step in life’s journey. 

Most importantly, you will not spend the second half of your adult life undergoing therapy for the first half.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Your mind holds the keys to unlocking your emotional blocks and transforming your life’s path…so get rid of them once and for all and live the life you deserve.