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Overcome Addictions and Get Back to Living a Happy Normal Life 

Dramatically reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, sadness and broken relationships rapidly and effectively

From addiction to alcohol, social drugs, prescribed medications, food, gambling, shopping, sex or anything else can quickly take control to destroy your life.

What starts from curiosity or to fit in with a peer group, affects the brain’s “reward system”, flooding brain cells with dopamine, the chemical which causes a feeling of being ‘high’.

If the behaviour is unchecked, the brain begins to adjust to increased dopamine levels. As a result, you need to consume more alcohol, drugs or engage in addictive behaviour even more frequently to get high.

As a consequence, you find yourself having less time for other enjoyable activities and tend to exhibit reclusive behaviour.

Defining Characteristics of Addictions and Dependency

Biological, psychological and social influences contribute significantly to drug and other addictions.

Addictions are not always recognised as harmful. If the behaviour is rewarding, it is difficult for an individual to recognise it as being harmful.

What’s important in overcoming addiction is choosing to make a change. And the choice has to be made by you and for you. Making an effort to reduce harm by changing your behaviour contributes to eventually getting rid of it.

It is also possible to be addicted to our own negative emotions. An emotional addiction is when the body becomes dependent on our own chemical responses. 

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Dramatically reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, sadness and broken relationships rapidly and effectively

Helping You Overcome Your Addiction

When talking about treatments for individuals who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues, we know that the same treatment does not work for every individual. 

We also know that in order for a person to change, the client has to take ownership and recognise that they are addicted and that it is having a negative impact in their lives. 

I help people who accept that they are addicted but are also willing to change their habits. Keeping your desire to overcome an addiction in alignment with your understanding and ability will immensely assist in changing your behaviour permanently.

I can help you identify the core reasons which led to your addictive behaviour in the first place. Together we will uncover the emotional or physical pain lying beneath the addiction so you never have the need to  turn to that particular substance again. 

We’ll then work to replace the habit with something much more empowering for you and install the new habits. 
But it doesn’t end there.

Addictions are not only harmful for the client, but also those closest to them. At the stage of deep addiction, the consequences get overwhelming and people lose everything important to them – their money, jobs and relationships.

It’s why your family or support network needs to be involved in the healing process. Family members at times are enablers and need to learn how to alter their own behaviour if they are serious about helping you.

FI assist in getting you to a place of calm and resilience where you can readily handle anything that comes your way. Relationships damaged by addictions are also rebuilt.

The initial period of treatment is the most important and we will work towards understanding the nature of your addition as well as the triggers that are relevant for you. 

These are important to help you live a full and satisfying life that’s free from addiction.