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What Will You Get From Our Call Together?

Understand Your Challenges

The first goal of our call is to understand more about you, what is happening in your life and where you need to be.

Discover The Causes

We then discover the root cause of these challenges and why they are stopping you from living a more fulfilled life.

Propose The Solution

Lastly, a solution the ideal methods are proposed, that'll give you the clarity for the best direction of your ideal life.

Who is Betterminds?

Anna Sheed is a Master Counsellor and the main face behind Betterminds Therapy. Anna offers a new and modern counselling approach. Unlike, traditional and outdated therapy types, Anna’s methods & treatments can get you results in just 2 – 5 sessions*. 

Anna helps people who are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Addictions and Relationship Challenges, to name just a few common problems. If you’re wanting a therapist that is more focus on getting you results faster, rather than just re-hashing your painful memories or just talking about your problems for years…
Then you are invited to apply for a no-obligation discovery call below.

What Our Clients Are Saying