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relationship and couples counselling townsville

Quickly Diffuse Conflict,  Repair Trust  and Revive Intimacy..

WITHOUT Rehasing Past Problems Or Doing Pointless Loops with “Talk Therapy”


New-Age Relationship Counselling Townsville

Sometimes even the strongest relationships and marriages can have challenges and it’s quite normal for relationships to get bumpy at times. The size of these bumps will depend on the nature of relationship you are in with your spouse or partner.

Conflicts provide you with information on what needs to change. However, it’s easy to get trapped into repetitive behavior patterns even if they haven’t worked in the past.

The fundamental truth of the matter is that the way we choose our partners is quite flawed. There’s also the tremendous burden of expectation which we bring to a relationship. Not surprisingly this is bound to cause friction.

Part of being in a loving relationship is to be aware that everyone we come in contact with will at some point, disappoint, frustrate or anger us. What’s also true is that despite your best intentions, you will evoke the same feelings in your spouse.

No two persons in the world have identical thought patterns which is why conflicts tend to arise.

The first goal of marriage counselling is to make sure you understand how the dynamics of your relationship as a couple could be destroying any opportunity of bringing closeness or emotional warmth.

Until this destructive dynamic is dismantled, it is pointless talking about conflict management and communication skills.

If the couple seeking marriage counselling are part of a larger family unit, it is important to that addresses the behaviors of all family members. These behaviors affect individual family members as well as the whole family unit.

Treatment involves time dedicated to individual therapy as well as time for couple therapy and family therapy.

A smiling couple sits on a couch hugging and smiling while talking to a therapist.

Your mind holds the keys to unlocking your emotional blocks and transforming your life’s path…so get rid of them once and for all and live the life you deserve.

Best Couples Counselling Practice In Townsville

While traditional therapy focuses more on the individual, marriage counselling examines how individual behavior affects both the individual as well as their relationship with a spouse and the family as a whole.

Regardless of whether the problem appears to lie with the individual or the family, getting family members involved in the process results in faster and more effective solutions.

Marriage counselling is goal-oriented. The objective is to work towards an established end result.

Nowadays treatment incorporates modern world practices and has become more inclusive by including couples in non-heterosexual relationships as well as their families.

Many couples feel ashamed to reveal their problems to a marriage counselor or prolong getting help until it’s too late.

Don’t let this be you.

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Couples Therapy - Why Choose Us?

We can help you uncover and shift unhelpful behavior patterns so you can get past the struggles and close the distance that’s developed between you.

During our confidential sessions, I will reveal how you can acquire the skill to listen to each other, so you’re always appreciative and understanding of each other’s needs.

You will be able to:

Whatever challenges your relationship may be going through, counselling can help you bring back the passion and love you once enjoyed.

Betterminds Therapy has helped many Townsville couples make this shift happen and would like to lead you into taking the healing journey together.

A smiling couple sits on a couch hugging and smiling while talking to a therapist.