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Betterminds FAQ

Traditional talk therapies & couch counselling can be helpful. However, just talking about the problems from the brain’s logical level of thinking (neocortex) and trying to create lasting change from surface level symptoms can take years and, most times, a lifetime to shift. Often never resulting in removing the core problem altogether.

Therefore if the underlying problem has not been addressed (re-programmed/re-wired) or resolved in the subconscious part of the mind, it’s often left unresolved, and so the cycle begins sometime after the treatment.

This is not to say that traditional psychological and talk-based counselling models are unhelpful or don’t work. Many people report that they have been greatly assisted by these traditional therapy types, and I would encourage you to explore these therapy methods if that is of your core interest. With that said, there is so much more that can be accomplished in far less time when it comes to creating inner change sooner within our subconscious minds. 

To find out more if our NeuroCounselling methods are a good fit for you, request a free discovery call here

A lot of our clients have tried numerous things and most therapies types but still feel like things are still left unsolved. Often frustrated as they know they could be living a better version of themselves but still find themselves rehashing the same negative patterns, self-sabotage cycles and feel hopeless . 

When our ideal clients come to us, they are 100% open and ready for change and that is why are client’s success results are so high.

This is all dependent on your individual presenting challenges/problems and issues, how long they have affected you for and depending on the depth of layering of the specific issues.

Because our advanced therapy methodologies (NeuroCounselling) create change from within quicker than most, our clients report having life-changing results within Four sessions or less.

To find out more if our NeuroCounselling therapies are a good fit for you, request a free intro call here.

Or if you haven’t quite made up your mind, review our Client’s success stories in Google.

We primarily focus on a rapid outcome of success that is safe and comfortable for our clients.

Unlike most traditional therapy models out there, we DO NOT TRAP our clients into sessions to gradually get an outcome if we can achieve a successful result in just a few short sessions. This is our guarantee to you!

Your initial session is 2 hours, so we can get a full view and understanding of your current challenges and your problem history, then we aim to address the core problem with you on the spot in the first session. This leaves you knowing we are on the way to healing you sooner.

Subsequent sessions are 1.5 hours in duration as the groundwork has already been done.  

To find out more if our NeuroCounselling therapies are a good fit for you, Request a free intro call here.

Two ways; Face To Face or Telehealth Calls are avalible.

We DO NOT hold anything back just to keep you booking another counselling session every week and for years down the track as most counselling business models do.

WE ARE RESULTS FOCUSED on your outcome and success. So, the number of counselling sessions you ideally require really depends on your individual outcome and what’s need to fix it in the quickest way possible…

As with our counselling prices, they are not cheap. Nor is the results we aim to deliver for our clients.
However, if the price is your main concern with hiring a counsellor rather than living a happy and fulfilled life, free from pain and suffering, you will find our fees expensive.

Something to ask yourself…

Fast forward 6 months after your therapy with us… you’re now finally free, happy and living life on your terms, feeling totally fulfilled with where you now are.

How much money would you turn down to return to how things are currently right now?


Most counselling clients I ask this question to, would not accept any amount of money to return things back to their current pains and life sufferings.

And I’m 100% sure you would agree also if this was now you.

Your privacy and how quickly you feel comfortable with us is our utmost priority. Our counselling clients love our private counselling practice because it’s nestled away in our suburban beachfront home. That way you can feel at ease knowing that you’re not suck in a clinical office and when you park, no one is one the wiser of where you are or what you are up to.

When you book your first counselling session, you will receive an email reminder with your session appt details, our practice address and google map link making it easier to find us.

Unfortunately, Medicare rebates will not cover your counselling session cost with us. Primaraily, because we do not practice “traditional therapy methods” Nor do we prescribe psychiatric medications as “the treatment”.

With our treatments, we don’t focus on surface level problems or the symptoms of the problem/s. We focus on addressing the rootcause of the problem, usually buried deep in the subconscious part of the brain and isn’t something that’s ealiy found with tradional talk-based therapies. Our NeuroCounselling therapies are most unique and often client’s report are very refreshing from what they would expect.

Some private health funds do offer cover our counselling sessions however it depends on your fund and your individual coverage. An online invoice is emailed to you prior to your counselling session which you can then forward to your specific health fund if you are eligible. We’ll do our best to work with you so you can claim as much as you can.

Bettermind's NeuroTherapy Offers Fast And Extraordinary Results, Unlike Traditional Counselling Methods...

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