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How to Save My Marriage With Online Marriage Counselling

online marriage counselling

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Marriage. It is not always easy, and some people decide to give up on it entirely. In Australia, the divorce rate is about 1.9 for every 1,000 people.

During the pandemic, this can be even trickier, considering that some people may feel trapped or like there is no escape. It makes it harder to seek physical help in the outside world the way you might normally go about it.

If you feel like you are in this situation, one way to approach the problem is to go with online marriage counselling.

Some people may resist the idea of marriage counselling in general, but could marriage counselling online be the right option for you? Here is how it can save your marriage with online communications.

More Comfortable Environment

Let’s face it, some people are homebodies. Getting somebody to a physical location to talk about their problems, especially during a pandemic, can be a difficult task. This is when the prospect of doing this virtually can help you.

With this option, you could approach a partner that has checked out with the idea that they can show up to this session is nothing but their pyjamas. They do not have to worry about taking the time to go outside, wear a mask, and drive over there.

It can allow you to get a foot in the door for a resistant partner to be open to doing this. If you have someone in a familiar and safe environment, they may feel more open to discussing their problems and what is bothering them.

Sometimes, a little thing like that is all it takes to help a person move in the right direction. Let’s say that one partner has an alcohol or drug problem. It can be difficult to even get that partner to leave the house, especially if they have to drive.

With talking to marriage counsellors online available, all they would have to do here is answer a video call request, rather than having to worry about getting in trouble for driving over or not showing up because they have to leave their house.

More Opportunities

Australia is a big country, and in some areas, it can be difficult to find a person for any daily need, let alone a therapist for marriage counselling.

If you live in a rural area, scheduling counselling sessions online can be a great advantage for you. Not only do you save the time and money to get there but you also save yourself the headache of having to physically find a relationship therapist.

Plus, with online counselling, you have more options for which counsellor that you choose to go with. Say you and your partner are talking to a counsellor, but you do not like their approach, and both agree that that therapist is not working out for you.

Well, if you are just relying on people to talk to in person, it could be very difficult to find another relationship therapist that will suit your needs, especially in a more remote area. With online marriage counselling, you will have many more options available, because you can find one at the click of a button rather than having to drive around to find one that you might like.

Safety and Accessibility

Another perk to talking to counsellors online is the idea that there is more safety and access for couples to start entering this discussion.

Let’s use the pandemic as an example. With COVID out there, some people may not feel comfortable going outside to a stranger’s building unless it is absolutely essential, such as for work or medical treatment.

They may not deem counselling as a necessary risk to go outside and risk exposure to a positive test. Doing this virtually eliminates that risk because it allows anyone that feels nervous about going for that reason to do it from the comfort of their own homes.

But, safety and accessibility do not just have to be from COVID when it comes to this. What about if one partner suffers a physical disability?

If they have physical limitations, such as needing crutches or a wheelchair to get around, they may not feel comfortable going to a new environment that they are not familiar with or somewhere that takes more effort to get to than it is worth.

In these situations, those partners may feel like they have the most freedom in their own homes, so marriage counselling online can provide them with the counselling that they need while enjoying the accessibility from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Cost Vs Investment

If your budget permits view marriage counselling as an investment for the longevity of your relationship and for your children’s mental wellbeing, NOT as an out of pocket cost.

Couples who are serious about mending their relationship to live a more fulfilled life together should be MORE FOCUSED on the consequences of what it WILL cost them if they don’t fix their relationship and what it will cost if they separate or divorce.

Just beware, a highly successful and in-demand relationship counsellor will not be typically cheaper in the long run, nor would you want to put your relationship and your happiness in the hands of a cheap counsellor or therapist.

Apply For Online Marriage Counselling Today

Online marriage counselling may not be something everyone thinks of or is on board with right away. But, with it providing accessibility, financial savings, convenience, and opportunities, it is surely an option that you should consider.

Are you ready to get started? Make an appointment today.


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