Holotropic Breathwork For Anxiety & Depression

Holotropic Breathwork For Anxiety and Depression

Holotropic Breathwork (HBP) is one of the most transformative and powerful tools for human transformation. But it has been misunderstood by many, even leading some people to use it incorrectly and experience harm. If you’re curious about the practice of holotropic breathing for anxiety and depression, this will help you figure out if it’s something […]

The 7 Most Common Marriage Problems Ending in Divorce and How to Fix Them Fast

7 Marriage Problems Ending in Divorce

Do you and your spouse have trouble solving marital problems? Most think that getting married is the most troublesome part of the relationship. Staying married is much more of a challenge because of the different marriage problems that often lead to divorce. Australia has a 1.9 percent divorce rate because of these problems, and correction […]

How to Quickly Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Is Ready to Leave

how to save your marriage when your partner is ready to leave

There are close to 50,000 divorces per year across Australia. If your relationship is on the rocks and you don’t want it to become another divorce statistic, you need to learn how to save your marriage. If your partner is ready to leave you may think that avoiding divorce is impossible, but with the right […]