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10 Tell-Tale Signs That You Should See a Marriage Counsellor

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Do you feel like your marriage is in trouble?

If so, it may be time to consider marriage counselling.

Whether you are struggling with communication problems, infidelity, or other serious relationship issues, marriage counselling can help.

In this blog post, we will discuss ten signs that could indicate a need for seeing a marriage counsellor.

1. Your Marriage Has Become Unhappy

If you are no longer happy in your marriage, it is time to seek help.

Unhappiness can manifest itself through:

  • Feelings of boredom or apathy towards the marriage
  • Resentment about specific issues that have not been resolved
  • Anger with one’s spouse for past behaviours

A marriage counsellor will provide an objective perspective on what might be lacking in the relationship, which could explain why you feel this way.

The vast majority of marriages experience at least some degree of unhappiness, and marriage counselling can help turn things around.

There is no need for you or your marriage to continue suffering.

2. You Have Not Experienced Any Relationship Progress Recently

Do you feel like your marriage has been stuck in the same stale place for a long time?

For example, have you made no progress towards resolving important issues over the past few years, even though both of you are making an effort?

If this is happening to you consistently, it may be worth looking into marriage counselling.

Marriage counsellors can help couples identify what might be preventing them from moving forward with their marriage and improve communication about complex topics.

A marriage counsellor will not make decisions for their clients; they simply guide each spouse through the process of understanding one another’s needs better. They can then work together as partners to find solutions that bring them closer together.

Marriage counsellors provide a new perspective on what might be going wrong in the marriage. And this helps couples figure out new ways of communicating with one another to move their marriage towards happiness.

3. You Have Noticed a Significant Change in Your Partner’s Mood

Has your marriage been plagued with constant bickering lately?

Do you feel like one of you is constantly unhappy, irritable, or angry?

If this change has occurred over the past few months to a year without any significant life events happening, it may be time for marriage counselling.

Marriage counsellors can provide both spouses with tools that improve communication and help them re-discover their shared goals as partners.

Counselling helps couples work through difficult feelings towards each other so that they do not resort to negative behaviours such as name-calling or avoidance when discussing important issues. These skills will carry on into later stages of marriage, where different problems might arise.

4. You Have Experienced a Significant Life Event

Has a death, birth, or other significant event happened recently?

It is not uncommon for marriage counselling to be recommended after something like this occurs.  Events such as these can create stress and distance between spouses that marriage counselling can help heal.

A marriage counsellor will not take sides or blame one spouse for what has been going wrong in the marriage.

Instead, marriage counsellors provide a non-judgmental space where both spouses can express their feelings without fear of being judged. This is essential as couples navigate through trying times together.

Although life events are an understandable reason to seek therapy, it is also worth noting that marriage counselling should be sought proactively when issues arise. Don’t wait until a crisis hits before consulting a therapist.

5. You Are Not Getting Along With Your Parents, Siblings, or Extended Family

All of your relationships impact your marriage. If you are experiencing ongoing conflict with any family members that make it challenging to spend time together as a couple, marriage counselling might be beneficial.

Marriage counsellors can help provide skills and tools for couples struggling with their in-laws so that they do not continue having the same fight over and over again. This helps ease tension between partners which can improve marriage happiness overall.

6. You Have Argued Over Money or Sex

Arguments about money and sex are common marriage issues. If you feel like your fights over these topics never seem to end, marriage counselling can help.

Counsellors will work with both spouses on better communication that allows them to understand each other’s needs in those departments. Couples therapy is not just for big problems; it works well on little things too.

Marriage counsellors are trained professionals who guide without taking sides, being critical, or making judgments that could further strain the relationship.

The next time you fight over something small, consider marriage counselling before letting it get out of hand again. It might be a good idea for marriage counselling.

7. You Feel Neglected by Your Spouse

Feeling like your marriage is one-sided?

Is it always you who initiates outings, dinner dates, or other engagements together? Do you feel that your spouse would rather spend time with their friends than their own family?

If these questions resonate with you and point to a lack of attention in the marriage, marriage counselling might be beneficial. Couples therapy can help husbands and wives learn to connect better to get what they need from the union. This helps make sure both spouses are satisfied as individuals, which boosts marital happiness.

8. You Are Having Trouble Forgiving

Forgiveness is a key part of marriage.  If you are having trouble forgiving your spouse for past mistakes, marriage counselling might be the answer to help work through those feelings and come out with a stronger marriage.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about what happened and let go of any resentment built up over time. This can lead couples closer together as they discuss their disagreements without harbouring negative emotions towards each other.

9. You and Your Spouse Disagree on How To Parent

Marriage counsellors can help couples struggling with how they should raise their children. If you feel like your spouse is not a supportive parent or that one of you needs more parenting time, marriage counselling can help resolve these issues.

Counsellors will work toward finding compromises between the two parents so that both are satisfied with decisions about raising kids. This helps make sure both spouses have input, which reduces conflict when making important family choices.

10. You and Your Spouse Do Not Spend Quality Time Together

Couples who spend quality time together are happier.  If you feel like your marriage is lacking in that department, marriage counselling might be the answer to help improve this situation.

Counselling provides an opportunity for both spouses to learn how to connect better with each other so they can set aside time just for themselves as a couple. This helps make sure both partners feel satisfied in their marriage, which boosts long-term marital happiness.

Let a Marriage Counsellor Fix Your Marriage

Do any of these reasons sound familiar? If so, seeing a marriage counsellor might be helpful.

Marriage counsellors provide advice to couples who want to discuss their issues and work toward finding solutions. It helps make a marriage happier and more fulfilling.

Are you ready to make your marriage happier? Betterminds Counselling provides marriage therapy sessions to help you and your spouse reconnect. Contact us today to learn more.


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