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Psychology Townsville

Traditional Psychologists mainly use ‘talk therapies’ to help clients understand their problems and why they feel and act in a way to the meaning of the problems. Whilst this type of psychology therapy does work for some, it can mainly result in a long drawn out and expensive process, sometimes taking years to just get little results and often never resolved. 

We use a completely different and modern approach to most Traditional Psychology services, here in Townsville

Betterminds Therapists use new age methods based on how the brain and nervious system works. We can quickly and effortlessly get to the root cause of your problem to reprogram the meaning and emotions that are holding you back. This can result in allowing you a faster & more successful outcome in only a few sessions, instead of years stuck in ‘talk therapy’with a Psychologist.

Dramatically reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, sadness and broken relationships rapidly and effectively

If you feel you’re in an emotional black hole from which there seems to be no escape, Betterminds Counselling can help you overcome emotional pain and equip you with the skills to enjoy lasting change.

Mental problems affects people in many different ways. In saying so, most people experience a combination of one or more of the following symptoms:

Psychology Townsville

Psychology – psychological depression is caused as a result of biological, genetic, social, environmental and psychological factors. People with a family history of depression or chronic diseases such as cancer or heart disease are at a higher risk of depression.

Trauma, stress and major life changes are also reasons which can lead to depression. In some instances depression begins without an obvious reason. 


How we assist with psychological challanges:

Your mind holds the keys to unlocking your emotional blocks and transforming your life’s path…so get rid of them once and for all and live the life you deserve.

Before You Seek A Townsville Psychologist, Talk To Us.

Working in a relaxed atmosphere, your treatment will be personal and comprehensive. The evidence-based care will be tailored to address current difficulties being experienced as well as any personal or work-related factors which are influencing your behavior. 

Whether you require short-term support or long-term treatment, we will work together in a relaxed and friendly environment to reprogram your thoughts and emotions. 

The coping skills you develop can include anything from problem-solving to helping you replace inaction with appropriate action designed to overcome challenges you are going through. 

You will also learn how to minimize the emotional impact felt when dealing with a stressful situation. The combination of coping skills and relaxation techniques will help you deal with situations you may have believed were impossible to face. 

Sometimes your problem may be relatively small, such as helping your teenage child to deal with a bully or to do their homework. 

At other times, problems may be more intense and related to family relationships or quite frightening such as hearing voices. These are some other challenges I have helped clients to overcome. 

Whatever situation you are in now, I will guide you in the right direction so you become the best version of yourself and equip you or a family member with the tools to overcome any personal or professional setbacks you encounter in the future.

This is different from traditional therapy which is based on the theory that when you explain how you feel about a particular event by talking about it, you will understand the context of the feelings, the emotional and physical reactions will all just disappear. Whilst this does work for some, it can be a long drawn out and expensive process. There is also little evidence that this method is successful.